Beamond End, Holmer Green, Hyde Heath,
Little Kingshill and Little Missenden

Welcome to Little Missenden Parish Council



Welcome to the Little Missenden Parish Council website. Here you will find everything you want to know about the Parish Council, Councillors, Living in our Parish, Council meetings and much more.

You will also be able to find out which of the facilities in the Parish are owned or managed by the Parish Council, District Council or County Council and contact details if you have a query.

Should you require further information about the Parish or one of the Villages, then please send an e-mail to the Parish Office and we will endeavour to address your enquiry.

Parish Office Hours are: Monday – Friday 10.00 – 14.00
Telephone: 01494 715429 (voicemail out of hours)

Any person or persons wishing to use the Commons in the Parish for commercial use need to contact the Parish Clerk prior to arranging or advertising an event.

We currently have two vacancies on the Parish Council for Councillors, they are to represent Little Kingshill Ward and Holmer Green Ward.  If you feel that you have the qualities to fulfill these roles please contact the Parish Clerk at with a brief resume.



On 1 November 2018 the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government – James Brokenshire MP - announced that he has decided to implement, subject to Parliamentary approval, the proposal to replace the existing five councils across Buckinghamshire. This covers Bucks County Council, and Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe District Councils.


This will still require approval by Parliament but if approved will mean that the new Single Unitary Council will be established on 1 April 2020.


Little Missenden Parish Council will endeavour to establish the full implications of this decision upon the Parish and will keep residents informed via this website.



Chiltern House Medical Centre – we need your views

If you are a patient registered at Chiltern House Medical Centre, High Wycombe, then we would like to hear your views on the future of the practice.
NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working with patients, the staff at the practice and NHS England to develop plans for Chiltern House Medical Centre.
Anyone registered at the practice can complete a survey here
Nicola Lester, Director of Transformation at the CCG, said: “We are keen to work with the patients at Chiltern House Medical Centre and use this opportunity to find out what patients would value and what the services could look like in the future.
“We are hoping that as a result of feedback we receive, we will be able to really shape services to suit the needs of patients who use the practice.”
In July of this year, the GP partnership which held the contract to provide primary care medical services at Chiltern House Medical Centre ended. An interim contract was then awarded to Primary Care Management Solutions, to maintain services for registered patients at the practice for up to 12 months. We would reassure patients that this period will allow time for full and thorough planning process to take place before any future changes may be made.
For more information about Chiltern House Medical Centre and to complete the survey, please visit



Additional Update : Please click on the link below : 

In light of the recent departure of the Partners at Dragon Cottage and the Chiltern House Medical
Centre, the Chair of Little Missenden Parish Council has made representations to the Clinical
Commissioning Group (CCG) and to the MPs for Amersham & Chesham and High Wycombe
regarding the situation facing residents affected by the sudden closure and the installation of
Primary Care Management Solutions to manage the practice for the next 12 months. 

As a Parish Council we unfortunately have no control or authority over the provision of health
services. However, the Chair has expressed the Council’s concern and has asked to be kept informed
regarding the outcome in order to be able to relay any information received to residents via this

We are very concerned that many elderly residents who do not have access to personal
transport will be greatly inconvenienced if the surgery closes. We are also aware that surrounding
surgeries have now closed their books to new patients.

Can you please relay this information to any patients who do not have internet access. 

Below are some links which patients may find of some use. 

PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service), NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit,
Albert House, Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe HP11 1AG.
Or phone: 0800 328 5640

Alternatively, you can share your views with Healthwatch Bucks

Also below are the links to the surgery website and 


Please read the information regarding advertising events in the Parish on our Annual Events page.



Alert - Rise In Fake Amazon Emails

These fake emails are after your Amazon login details!

We’ve had an increased number of reports about these fake emails purporting to be from Amazon. The subject line and content of the emails vary, but they all contain links leading to phishing websites designed to steal your Amazon login details.

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.

Message Sent By
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)



Local News: 

Holmer Green LED Street Lighting Update

The Parish Council had a five year rolling programme for replacing street lighting and is pleased to advise that tgis has now been completed under budget..

In 2014 the Parish Council started to convert the lamps in the Street Lights in Holmer Green to LED lights. LED lights are more effective and cheaper to run and maintain.

Some of the concrete columns have been replaced with steel columns and this programme will continue as and when it is deemed necessary.

If any Street Lights are not working please advise the Parish Clerk.

Holmer Green Pond

Residents will have noticed that the Parish Council has carried out substantial work over the past year by cutting back overgrown trees around the Pond.  The Village Society has also been involved with clearing undergrowth and together with a donation from Airedale and working with the Parish Council has introduced water plants.  The Parish Council will be carrying out maintenance work on a rolling basis on the pond walls with effect from 2019.

RosPA Report

All our play areas were inspected by RosPA on 14th May 2018. The resulting reports from the inspection showed that the play areas are all in good condition and with no defects, this is an excellent report and reflects the large amount of time, effort and work that has been spent on the areas in the last 12 months.

Vacant Allotment plots

Throughout the Parish there are a number of allotment plots currently available. Please view our allotments page for more information. If you are interested in renting an allotment please contact the Parish Clerk for details. Telephone: 01494 715429

Dog Fouling:

The Parish Council has, over the past years, installed additional bins for the disposal of dog waste in various places around the Parish. We would encourage dog owners/walkers to use these facilities to minimise the inconvenience to residents especially when using The Commons and Recreation Areas.  You are also able to place dog waste in the refuse bins.

Should any resident be aware of the owner of a dog which either fouls the pavement or the green areas above, the matter should be reported to the Environmental Health Department of Chiltern District Council who will take appropriate action or you can report it online at:


Report a Pothole

To report a pothole please contact Transport for Bucks:

Online: and complete the online form.

If you consider this to be dangerous or an emergency, please telephone: 01296 382416 (9am-5.30pm Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm Friday) or 01296 486630 (out of hours and weekends).

Potholes do not fall under the remit of the Parish or District Councils.


If you have any complaint you wish to raise with the Parish Council please find the necessary information by following this link