Beamond End, Holmer Green, Hyde Heath,
Little Kingshill and Little Missenden

Annual Events

Forthcoming Event Roadside Advertising

Please note that the regulations relating to the siting of temporary signs for forthcoming events are as follows:

1. The signs shall not be of a commercial nature
2. The signs must not be erected more than two weeks prior to the event and must be removed immediately following the event
3. The signs should be sited at a minimum distance of one metre from the carriageway edge, preferably adjacent to the highway boundary and be freestanding
4. The signs should not obstruct any visibility splay, footway or vehicular access
5. The signs must not be attached to street lights, columns or any other street furniture
6. The maximum size of the signs shall be one square metre
7. Only signs carrying the venue are permitted
8. Signs should be properly constructed and fit for purpose

The Parish Council retains the right to remove any / all illegally placed signs 

Permission must be obtained from the Parish Clerk prior to any notices/signs being erected.

It should also be noted that before any excavation of the highway takes place, the location of any Statutory Undertakers’ plant/services must be ascertained.

In addition, any claim on the County Council resulting from any incident involving the signs will be referred to the event organisation. You are advised to ensure that an insurance policy provides suitable cover.

 Little Missenden Parish Council

Holmer Green

A visiting Fair is held on The Common in May and September every year.

The Holmer Green Gardening Assn (VPA) holds two shows a year, a Spring Show in April and an Annual Show in September and encourages local school pupils to enter the various junior classes (for those up to 16 years of age). In addition to these main events, each summer the VPA organises a 'Best-Kept Allotment' competition which is open to non-members. 

For more information visit  and Holmer Green on Facebook 

Hyde Heath

An annual Village Fete is held on The Common in May.

The Hyde Heath Beer Festival takes place in June on The Common.

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Little Kingshill

For information on events in Little Kingshill please visit the Village Society website 

Little Missenden

Steam engines visit the village in June

The village holds an Open Gardens weekend every July.

In September a Produce Show takes place.

The annual Little Missenden Festival is held in October.
2018 will see the 59th consecutive year that the village has hosted the Festival which offers a programme of Music, Literature and Arts. Early, baroque, classical and contemporary music, rub shoulders with jazz, folk music, art lectures, poetry and children's events.
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