Beamond End, Holmer Green, Hyde Heath,
Little Kingshill and Little Missenden


There are thirteen Parish Councillors who are elected every four years. Seven represent Holmer Green, three represent Little Kingshill, two represent Hyde Heath and one represents Little Missenden. The number of Councillors representing each village (known as Wards) is dependent upon the local population.

Please find below the details of present Councillors by Ward and position held.

They can be contacted through the Parish Office on the following telephone and email address: 01494 715429  or

Holmer Green Ward

Jane Fallon
LAF Representative & Youth Representative

Sandra Geraghty
Rossetti Hall Representative

Peter Rawbone

Chairman Rossetti Hall Committee

Gerry Spiller
Vice Chairman Open Spaces & Rossetti Hall Representative

Ruth Werbiski
NAG Representative

Rita Whitten

Vice Chair of Planning

Acting Chair - Parish Council


Hyde Heath Ward

Herbert Daniel Baker 

Stephen David Burke
Chairman of Open Spaces

Little Missenden and Little Kingshill Ward

Leslie Giles
Chairman of Planning

Walid Marzouk 

2 VACANCIES - Little MIssenden & Little Kingshill



The relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulation 2012 made under s.30(3) of the Localism Act 2011 took effect on 1 July 2012. This Act requires that each Council Member registers their interests with the District Monitoring Office and that they are published on the Parish Council’s website.

The Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (Register of Interest) for each Council Member can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate Council Member’s name.