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On 1 November 2018 the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government – James Brokenshire MP - announced that he has decided to implement, subject to Parliamentary approval, the proposal to replace the existing five councils across Buckinghamshire. This covers Bucks County Council, and Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe District Councils. 

This will still require approval by Parliament but if approved will mean that the new Single Unitary Council will be established on 1 April 2020. 

Little Missenden Parish Council will endeavour to establish the full implications of this decision upon the Parish and will keep residents informed via this website.


In light of the recent departure of the Partners at Dragon Cottage and the Chiltern House Medical
Centre, the Chair of Little Missenden Parish Council has made representations to the Clinical
Commissioning Group (CCG) and to the MPs for Amersham & Chesham and High Wycombe
regarding the situation facing residents affected by the sudden closure and the installation of
Primary Care Management Solutions to manage the practice for the next 12 months.

As a Parish Council we unfortunately have no control or authority over the provision of health
services. However, the Chair has expressed the Council’s concern and has asked to be kept informed
regarding the outcome in order to be able to relay any information received to residents via this

We are very concerned that many elderly residents who do not have access to personal
transport will be greatly inconvenienced if the surgery closes. We are also aware that surrounding
surgeries have now closed their books to new patients.

Can you please relay this information to any patients who do not have internet access.

Below are some links which patients may find of some use.

PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service), NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit,
Albert House, Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe HP11 1AG.
Or phone: 0800 328 5640

Alternatively, you can share your views with Healthwatch Bucks  

Also below are the links to the surgery website  and 

Raised Wooden Planters – Holmer Green

The Parish Council has repeated the Autumn planting of the raised wooden beds in Turners Place together with planters at the Village War Memorial.

Summer planting of the raised beds will take place during the Spring 2019.  Donations are always very welcome for this as our funds are limited. If residents or groups would like to contribute please contact the Clerk on 01494 715429 or email


HS2 and the Parish Council

The Parish Council has been active in opposing HS2 from its inception and in putting forward proposals to minimise the effect on the Parish.

The plan approved by Parliament has one site in the Parish – the Little Missenden Vent shaft. We anticipate that traffic issues during construction will have the most effect on residents, particularly on the A413, and are watching closely for the final proposals to be reached with Bucks County Council. We are also concerned about the potential effects on the River Misbourne and Shardeloes Lake from this work.

We have now ensured that the Parish Council has representation on meetings with all contractors involved with the vent shaft and tunnelling in this area and to this end we will be arranging a drop in session at Rossetti Hall in the Spring 2019 where contractor representatives will be present to explain what is happening and how it will affect all Wards within the Parish.  Date to be announced.

A useful website to find out what is going on is

Plans of the route and associated documents can be found here: 

The most recent HS2 documents can be found here: 

The local HS2 environmental management Plan (July 2017) is here: 


Dog Fouling/Litter/FlyTipping/Abandoned Vehicles

Dog Fouling:

The Parish Council has, over the past years, installed additional bins for the disposal of dog waste in various places around the Parish. We would encourage dog owners/walkers to use these facilities to minimise the inconvenience to residents especially when using The Commons and Recreation Areas.

Should any resident be aware of the owner of a dog which either fouls the pavement or the green areas above, the matter should be reported to the Environmental Health Department of Chiltern District Council who will take appropriate action or you can report it online at: 



Litter continues to be an ongoing problem. We implore you to use the bins provided or if none are immediately available please take your litter home. Graffiti and litter dropping can be reported online at:  and  or contact the Parish Office on 01494 715429.

Community led Regular Litter Pick Days are encouraged. 

Fly Tipping:

To report Fly Tipping please contact Chiltern District Council on 0845 330 1856 or online at: 

Abandoned Vehicles:

To report an abandoned vehicle please use the Chiltern District Council link below. 

PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles causing an obstruction, nuisance or hazard should be reported to the police on 101.

 ‘Holmer Green Today’

Is a quarterly magazine that provides much information and covers many events within Holmer Green. It is published quarterly and sold at the following retail outlets:
Fox Pharmacy, Jennie's Haircare, J Walsh (Newsagents) & Iain Rennie Hospice at Home.
Recent editions can be accessed online at: 


Hedges or Trees Overhanging the Public Highway

Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council, would remind home and land owners that it is their responsibility to keep the highway free from overhanging trees, shrubs and overgrown bushes etc.

Landowners must ensure that there is no obstruction or partial obstruction to the footway or carriageway. TfB regularly makes inspections and also receives reports regarding obstructions on the highway. If you are notified, TfB would ask that you arrange to have any obstruction cut back within 14 days.

Should you be unable to complete the work by the end of this period of notice, TfB may arrange for the work to be carried out and may claim reimbursement from the landowner for reasonable expenses following completion of the works, in accordance with Section 154(4) of the Highways Act.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter and please do not hesitate to contact 01296 382416 to discuss this further should you wish and also, if needed, how TfB may be able to assist you in carrying out these works.