Beamond End, Holmer Green, Hyde Heath,
Little Kingshill and Little Missenden

What is a Parish?

There are two types of Parish, whose boundaries do not always coincide. These are:

• Civil Parishes that are part of Local Administration, and
• Ecclesiastical Parishes which are centred on the Anglican church with a Parochial Church Council chaired by the Vicar or Rector.

A Civil Parish is an independent local democratic unit for villages and smaller towns and for the suburbs of main urban areas. Each Parish has a Council which is a small Local Authority. Its Councillors are elected for four years in the same way as other councils. The Parish Council is the corporation of its village and each year the Councillors choose a Chairman from amongst their number. It should be noted that all Councillors are volunteers and as such receive no remuneration.

Little Missenden Parish Council held its first Council meeting in 1894 after creation under the Local Government Act of that year. The population has risen since that time to a figure of approximately 5500 residents who are of voting age.

The Role of a Parish Council

The Parish Council provides advice and policy guidance on matters such as recreation areas, ponds, churchyards, children’s play areas and Parish-owned street lights.

The Parish has no direct responsibility for any transport problems on the road such as potholes, pedestrian crossings, parking, drainage or traffic flow. Neither is it responsible for overgrown hedges or footpaths. However, the Parish Council has representation and ‘leverage’ within the District and County Councils who are responsible for transport and parking issues and with whom any concerns will be discussed.

Please note that potholes and road issues can be reported by telephone and online by residents at :

Transport for Bucks 01296 382416 or

Who Controls the Parish Council?

The business of a Parish Council Meeting is controlled by the elected Chairman. The Parish Clerk, who is the Council’s Chief Executive and Responsible Financial Officer, takes the Minutes, carries out the approved policies of the Council and ensures the accounts are strictly kept and audited every year. Parish Council meetings are open to the Public and an Assembly Meeting for all Parish electors has, by law, to be held every year in April or May.